Planning a trip to Ballito? Here are some Holiday Tips…

Ballito is a lovely little town and is well recognized for its beautiful and sun kissed beaches which is all very well protected by shark nets and lifeguards. Ballito is simply gorgeous and radiates a tranquil atmosphere and is a very popular holiday destination that offers fantastic accommodation that will meet any holiday maker’s requirements. But like any destination one must we extra careful especially when travelling to a different destination, so here are some tips that will make your holiday memorable and not wearisome.

Holiday Tips:

  • Be organized from right from the start of your holiday
  • Being well organized prevents unnecessary disappointments
  • Decide on a destination, read up on the place of your choosing. It will be in an advantage to you as you won’t be led astray
  • Make sure that you always book your holiday way in advance as this way you are certain to avoid disappointment and it will be less stressful on you. And by booking in advance will also help you find the best accommodation. If you plan to fly, make sure that you also book in advance.
  • Don’t become a victim of some scam. This happens most of the time to many people as the pay a deposit then to find that the holiday venue does not exist. That is why researching your holiday location is so important and read up on various reviews of the place of your choosing as well. Also, what is very important to take note of is make sure you use a trustworthy website when searching for holiday accommodation.
  • I cannot stress this enough as doing some research is very vital, check on the different types of accommodation there is, what will be the best path to journey on to your holiday destination, as there may be a much more picturesque route to take that has less traffic.
  • Also try and familiarize yourself and loved ones with the common attractions of the area, all the various shopping malls and different restaurants that will very close to your holiday location. Reading up on reviews is vital as this establishes how popular the place has been with past visitors and you know what you can expect from that specific place of interest.
  • Children are high priority and it is vital to find a place that can cater to their requirements, as an occupied child is a happy child when on holiday. So, if you are looking for accommodation make sure it is child friendly and a place that will help keep your child occupied and you are still able to get time to unwind and relax.

Some budget saving tips:

  • When on holiday we tend to spend more so it is important we also save and budget any way we can. Your budget must be kept in mind through your research time.
  • As most people surely know that kids generally can get free accommodation so always check when making your booking.
  • If your accommodation has a fridge try and stock up with drinks, water and snacks which can be purchased from the local shops.
  • Always look out for Happy Hour Deals At local bars, you get 2 drinks for the price of one
  • Always keep a budget for food, accommodation, fuel, spending money, entrance fees to various attractions


Some added advice:

Always be sure to make get familiar with your surroundings of your holiday location, make sure you choose a safe and protected environment especially if you have children. All kids love being at the beach so make sure when at the beach, you are in a spot where there are lifeguards, and be sure to keep an eye on your child.

It is very important that you never leave any of your belongings unattended to and always have all important contact information with you all the time and when on holiday, and if you have medical aid. Keep your card on you as well.  Make your loved ones at home to know where you are and how long you plan to stay.

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