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Nickel-a-Meal Against Obesity: Local empowerment strategies best for anti-obesity changes

Stanford University Economics Professor Jeremy Below is one of many to call into question the effectiveness of the billion-dollar tobacco settlement payments. His conclusions suggest this money is either being used by states for other purposes or having limited impact on consumer smoking habits – even as lawyers collect huge fees. Some are now wondering […]

Find Your Payoff for Being Fat: How to Find Your Payoff for Being Overweight as Introduced by Dr. Phil in The Ultimate Weight Solution

When I started on my weight loss journey nearly 3 years ago, I started with the program laid out by Dr. Phil in his book, The Ultimate Weight Solution. In this book, he talks about finding your payoff for being fat. This really stumped me at first. What payoff could there possibly be for staying […]

South African Paleolithic diet

The current paradigm of the Paleo Diet states that is that over a 2 million year-period our genes adapted to a diet in which all food was hunted, fished or gathered from the natural environment.   Grains were not farmed and animals were not domesticated. Paleo Cookbooks like the Paleo Cookbook provide readers with recipe upon […]