Raspberry Research; The Anti-Obesity Properties of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketone reviews show that Raspberry Ketone Pure is the most popular weight loss supplement in the market. While the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones have always been present, it is only recently that many people have started taking an interest in it. This is mainly thanks to Dr Oz.

Dr Oz Raspberry Ketones

In his popular health TV talk show, Dr Oz endorsed raspberry ketones as one of the best dietary compounds that help to burn far in the body. The compound is naturally found in fresh red raspberries and stimulates the production of adiponectin, a hormone that is responsible for burning fat in the body. When fat is burned, a person gets a more toned body and loses weight.

While there are many raspberry ketone and slim tea detox reviews online, there have not been many studies carried out on humans. A number of studies have touched on the ability of ketones to aid in weight loss but none of them have been comprehensive enough.

Raspberry Ketones Research On Mice

The major study that can be referenced to was carried out by PubMed (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health on mice back in 2005. The trial was conducted in Japan and was entitled “Anti-Obese action of Raspberry Ketones”

Here is a link to the study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15862604

In the study, mice were used as the test subjects. In most medical tests, mice are usually used before human trials can be done. This is because the animals have a very similar genetic structure to that of humans. Therefore, how they react to an experiment is likely to be the same way humans will. This also explains the fact why mice are the most tested animals in scientific test history.

The red raspberry fruits get their aroma and color from ketone compounds (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one). The aim of the study was to see how this compounds= compared to two other weight loss ingredients: capsaicin (found in chilli peppers) and synephrine (a common weight loss catalyst).

Findings of the Raspberry Ketone Study

The three compounds were found to have anti-obesity properties. They help the body to metabolize and break down fatty cells in the body faster. Increased metabolism of fatty acids was found to be as a result of production of more adiponectin. This hormone was produced in larger amounts when the mice where fed with food that contained raspberry ketones.

The study showed that raspberry ketones help to control the amount of fat that was 

deposited around the liver and also help to reduce weight gain. Other findings indicated that the ketones prevented the formation of visceral adipose tissue in the organ and stomach areas. These benefits are similar to those that have been found of the best tasting green tea.

The study took 6 weeks during which the mice were fed with a diet that 


was rich in raspberry ketones to help scientist better understand the ability of the compounds to prevent pile up of fatty acids and burning of excess fats. The outcome of the study was recently released to the public domain in the past few months. Today, everyone has taken notice of raspberry ketones.

Raspberry ketone Review

The conclusion the study was the raspberry ketones helped to prevent fat buildup in major organs like the liver thus promoting better overall health. In addition, they prevented the mice from being overweight. This is the basis on which Raspberry Ketones Pure rides on.

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